What is Your Small Business Cupcake?

What is Your Small Business Cupcake?Starting a small business is exciting, intimidating, energizing and exhausting, all at the same time. One of the best ways to ensure that your startup will succeed is to be clear on why you are in business and how your business fits your life and goals.

Pam Turkin is the Founder and Chief Cupcake Officer of Just Baked, a gourmet cupcake and cake shop (JustBakedShop.com) based in Michigan. In the midst of the recession, in a state that took an economic hit harder than most, Pam followed her dream and built a thriving business with twelve bakeries across the metro Detroit area, plus an agreement for a national franchise expansion.

How did she do it? First, Pam was very clear about what she wanted to do. She wanted to bake cupcakes. But she doesn’t just enjoy cupcakes. She is passionate about cupcakes.

It is important, Pam believes, to be very clear about what you are committing to when you are starting a small business. As she said, “be sure you will still want to do it on the 99th day.”

You may love to create your product or provide your service when there are no pressures to perform, but will you still love it when you’ve done it hundreds of times, on a deadline or budget?

Will you love to bake your cupcakes when it’s one hundred degrees out and you are locked for hours in a steaming hot commercial kitchen?

Will you love making your product when you have the flu and orders to fill?

Will you love your service when your client asks you to help them with the same issue you’ve dealt with 42 times already for previous clients?

Asking yourself tough questions like these will help you be clear you are starting a small business that will succeed. One that serves your life, goals, and dreams (which is also the goal of everything we do here at Small Business Divas).

So, what is your small business cupcake?

P.S. Just Baked cupcakes are oh, so yummy. If you are in the area, you have to bite in!

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